Monday, January 21, 2008

ABORTION: The slippery, slimy slope of socialist skulduggery!

HT: The Brussels Journal
In the latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights, Jakob Cornides of the European Commission finds that nations have naively “handed over too much power to self-styled ‘human rights experts’” which is seriously damaging, perhaps even destroying, the credibility of the concept of human rights. [...]

Cornides carefully analyzes two recent examples of how European bureaucracies are overstepping their mandates and pushing a pro-abortion ideology using language, supposition and selectivity to usher in a right to abortion by “the backdoor.”

Proponents of a right to abortion relied on “obfuscating and denying reality,” “inventing and distorting reality” and the manipulation of human rights language precisely because it is so unlikely that a new treaty recognizing abortion as a fundamental human right could ever be adopted, Cornides argues. “Instead of saying that they want to impose new laws (like abortion on demand) on society, they pretend that international law obliges them to do so, and that the new laws they are making represent the true and original sense of the relevant Conventions,” he explains.
For nearly a century, conservatives have warned of the disastrous potential of globalism as represented by such things as The League of Nations and The United Nations ... the above represents why our prophetic juices have been working overtime for so long.

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