Monday, January 21, 2008

HUMAN RIGHTS: What wisdom absent the fear of God looks like!

The Brussels Journal is a thorn in the flesh of the EU's leftist-elitocracy and a great voice for the threatened conservatives of Europe. Due to the brouhaha over HRCs (Human Rights Commissions) going on inside the borders of our frozen neighbor to the north, one particularly quote caught my eye ...
According to the politically-correct politicians and ideologues who wrote these bills [anti-discrimination laws], human races do not exist because all people are equal. If races do not exist, however, racists cannot exist either. Hence, racism has been redefined. Racists are people who discriminate on the basis of “presumed” or “so-called” race. Non-PC people realize, of course, that consequently the people prosecuted on the basis of these laws are presumed or so-called racists. [CRIB emphasis]
How beautiful are the words of those who think thoroughly and critically.

I have tried to separate my blogs from the day-to-day machinations of geopolitics and Caesar's affairs but am finding it nearly impossible to do so. The fact is, so much of what is going on in the world today is so patently anti-Judeo-Chrisitian that we can't ignore the threat to the free proclamation of the Gospel of Grace and the Kingdom of God.

According to the type of legislation alluded to above, those without a Judeo-Christian worldview are ipso facto presumed free of discriminatory tendencies ... thus, those with such a worldview are by default guilty of such discrimination. The only evidentiary requirement is that the accusation originate with a member of the first group.

The HRCs are merely the state's mechanism to document the guilt of the accused ... not to hear the facts concerning accusations.

If you are a conservative voice in your world, I recommend The Brussels Journal, a gleaning field for excellent conservative thought and practice (with a European aroma of course).

Remember, what has generally passed as academic, intellectual, and humane in the US of A, over the past two centuries, has percolated up from manifold philosophical cesspools in Europe, traveled north through subaqueous sewers, filtered through the frozen tundra of French-Canadian academic intelligence, and ultimately seeped across the border into blue-state American thinking. [It is my firm conviction that the American-left has never had an original thought in its entire history!]

Man, absent an authentic fear of God, is left to his own understanding and wisdom when he tries to govern the people ... HRCs are evidence of his intellectual poverty!

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  1. wow, The Brussels Journal sure doesn't give you much to be happy about. Much like the sprouts which share the moniker.

    Oh John do you not know how you are missed on 6th street?