Sunday, July 06, 2008

ANGLICAN ANGST: Somehow I knew this was coming!

The once late great Anglican Church takes another blow for its heresy, apostasy, and debauchery ... only this time it is from one of its own, one who is known as a mountain of theological righteousness ... J. I. Packer.
One of the world's most famous evangelical theologians quit the Anglican Church of Canada this week because he believes many of its bishops are "arguably heretical" for adhering to "poisonous liberalism."

James (J.I.) Packer, whom Time magazine recently named as one of the planet's 25 most influential evangelicals, said he hesitated before using the harsh terms to describe the Anglican bishops, but believed he must do so in the name of truth.

Vancouver-based Packer, who has sold more than four million copies of his many books, said he and 10 other B.C. Anglican clergy left the national denomination this week to operate under the authority of a South American Anglican archbishop because they felt they were being "starved out and worn down." [HT: Black Kettle]
I can only, and sadly, grieve over this event ... it truly marks a turning point for the coming split between conservative and heretical Anglicans.

One must read the Vancouver Sun blog post to see the true depth of the depravity of Canadian clergy. Another sad day for the Body of Christ.

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