Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FAMILY: They can run but they can't hide!

Sometimes it pays off to read a less than exciting article all the way to the end; John Laughland's piece in today's The Brussels Journal was such a piece; his final paragraph is spot on!
Through left-liberalism, European nations have systematically destroyed the values which, as extended families, they once embodied. The admission into their midst of very large numbers of people who will never be part of the family aggravates what is already a serious problem of social dislocation.

The attempt to reverse this trend by emphasising values may be a laudable one, but it can never succeed because the liberal paradigm on which it is based is wrong. It assumes that human societies are comparable to private companies and based on contract, when instead they are in fact comparable to families and based on the principles of blood relationship and paternity. That is a something which no amount of political sophistry can hide.
Canada also joined in this social-engineering program ... since their bureaucracy is a far more liberal variant at the moment, the effects of their meddling with their culture, society, and traditions is having a far more dramatic effect.

Clearly the United States is seeing dramatic evidence of the leading edge of this liberal dysfunction ... God ordained marriage as the medium through which the family best performs. What is surprising to see is the mob denial of leftists and liberals as the evidence continues to poor in.

The role of immigration in this national disintegration is becoming clearer with time. God revealed His compassion for the foreigner in the midst of Israel, but He warned the nation not to allow him to run things or be a part of His worship until he himself joined Israel in that worship.

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