Sunday, July 13, 2008

CUD CHEWING: It seems to me ...

... that it is increasingly difficult for me to separate the secular from the spiritual.

You see, the world is rapidly headed in a direction disastrous for the visible church and "professing" christians (no cap on purpose) but entirely consistent with the prophetic word of God.

For example ...
A Moroccan woman was denied citizenship in France because her head-to-toe Islamic veil, which shows only her eyes, was "incompatible" with French gender equality, Reuters reported.
On the face of it (ha ha), it's just another story of a nation exerting its sovereign influence over those non-citizens desiring to live in that nation.

Yet this is important: democratic nations must grasp erosion of any nation's sovereignty, no matter the dynamic, is a stone removed from the sovereign foundation of all nations ... accelerating the end to come.

For those of us living within democratic, representative borders, we hold dear our hard won freedoms
; for us, the specter of globalization engenders fears of losing those freedoms.

You see, no matter what the coming one world government looks like in its initial manifestation, the Bible tells us it will morph into a cruel taskmaster.

So, for me, the story above holds serious secular and spiritual implications; the former for my children and my children's children, the latter those who must must endure the Great Tribulation.

As I read the news each day, I am confronted with reports that tweak my freeborn instincts. On the one hand, concerning the world my family must live in for now; on the other hand, concerning the world to come and its apron of entry.

I just wish I could do a better job of commenting on the news stories, and how they bear on the Good News and His-story.

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