Monday, July 14, 2008

ISLAM: And the 4th of July (USA)!

Cummins may be part of the green ink brigade, but he was right about Islam | The Spectator
Last night, while reading subscribed news and views, I ruminated on the global problem of Islam. One thing that bothers a lot of people is the vocabulary of the War on Terror (WOT) and the desire by the world's bleeding hearts to avoid confronting truth when it is staring them in the face.

These sincere and intelligent members of the human race (for the most part) are trying desperately to avoid being intolerant, racist, and Islamophobic. Good for them; but it just won't fly! Coining new terms and phrases just pushes the ostrich's head further in the sand ... the lion will still devour those fat breasts.

You can't be tolerant of what is intentionally intolerant of you (they won't let you); you can't be racist toward a group or organization that has no common racial identity (regardless of what the multiculturalists tell you); and there is nothing uncivil or asocial about fear, it is an emotion, like love, and comes naturally (it's there for our protection) and we all have the right to fear Islam.
It is the black heart of Islam, not its black face, to which millions object. [Harry Cummins]
So, yes, I am an Islamophobic ... I fear Islam, and I am unashamed.

It is a lie anyway, based on lies and half-truths. Apart from its outrageous eternal prognostications and promises, it is principally a "this world" theology and philosophy. Holding forth little in the way hope or answers for man's problems (even their charitable work is political) in this life or the next.

Upon inspection, Islam can't hold a candle to Judaism or Christianity. Their's is a geopolitical movement, it always has been. From the day their founder died and went before the Judge of judges, they've sought to conquer nations not souls.

On the one hand, the do-gooders would have us speak using a manufactured vocabulary (e.g. Islamophobia, Jihadist), redefining old tried and true terms (e.g., racist, defamation), diverting the attention of the masses. Their intent is to avoid painting innocents with the same brush as the guilty. Cannot do!

If Muslim diplomats the world over were to lobby for international and Western laws against blasphemy, that would likely trigger [one] reaction -- not just from those who believe in Christianity, Judaism, etc., but from atheists, too, who might not go quietly into a merger of mosque and state.

But calling blasphemy by the word "defamation" (and making up a special new word to mislead the proposed law's targets), makes sure that fewer alarm bells in the West will ring. It transforms an attempt to Islamicize our entire legal system into merely another lawsuit amongst countless others. That's the diplomatic sleight-of-hand that
[they are] peddling.
One of the sad and grievable facts of warfare (and even though this is an atypical and asymmetrical war, it is war all the same ... to the death and for the survival of Western Civilization), is that innocents suffer right along with the rest of us. Consider the following anecdote:
On the Fourth of July, here in the United States, we spend a lot of time and money blowing and burning things up (fireworks to be specific).

We also spend a great deal of time . Why? Because they are dangerous (the fireworks) and irresponsible (the children). It is because we love our families that most of us take the necessary precautions to keep the former out of the hands of the latter.

Now fireworks come in all kinds and styles, shapes and sizes, colors and outcomes. Some fireworks are relatively harmless, but the irresponsibility and creativity of kids in combination has a remarkable history of disaster. It would be unwise for us to allow our children to be exposed, on a personal level, to something with a potential for disaster on this scale.

You can still purchase fireworks that will literally blow up a car, bind a few of them together and you can blow up a bus full of people, or blow up yourself. Airlines will not allow you carry any fireworks onto an aircraft ... especially since 911 ... and it is not racial profiling if you are caught trying to do so.
And so it is with Islam. Not all of Islam is a danger to the world, but most of it is; and the potential for disaster in the hands of the wrong people makes Islam a danger to all of us. They too have their big ones, those that can find ways to do a lot of damage and ruin a lot of lives; get enough of the dangerous ones together in the wrong place and you can end up in a world of hurt.

Now I won't let my grandkids touch any of the fireworks, since to them they are all dangerous; but for my teenage daughter and my adult children it is a different thing; still my older son and I handle and ignite the really big ones ... they are very dangerous, even in our cautious hands. So he and I announce to one and all, we've a war against improper exposure to our fireworks each year, and we profile the whole lot to separate them according to their danger to our families.

So I don't want anyone around Islam; it is a dangerous thing. Not all Muslims are dangerous, but enough of them threaten the stability of life as we know it to make me warn them of all Muslims. When it comes to the really big Muslims, you can't tell them apart from the little ones (and vice versa), so to heck with them all.

As The CRIB has said many times before, if Muslims won't cleanup their own yard, someone will have to clean it up for them.

It is because we love our people, nation, and way of life (as flawed as it is) that we want to keep Islam away from our people, our nation, and our lives ... at least in this life and in this world.

Fortunately we hear more voices of reason (also here) speaking out against the duplicity of Islam and her promoters.

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