Thursday, July 17, 2008

ONE WORLD: A religion for all - the complicity of world leaders!

Madrid: World Capital of Dialogue and Religious Pluralism | The Brussels Journal
Soren Kern writes what must be a tongue in cheek summary of The World Conference on Dialoque in The Brussel's Journal today.
The conference is being organized by the Muslim World League (also known as the World Islamic League) following an initiative by King Abdullah, whose country is the birthplace of Islam, a religion of peace. The Muslim World League also happens to be the principal agent for the propagation of Wahhabi Islam in Europe. In 1987, it was elected as a “Messenger of World Peace” by the United Nations.
The WCD is a self-absorbed orgy of self-important global personalities and philosophies, so clueless, so misguided, and so ignorant of eternal truths they're capable of doing lasting damage to this world, unknowingly introducing the system necessary for a global government, and setting the stage for a faux-messiah to reveal himself.

I'm uncertain if Kern is aware of the implications of his terminology and phrasing but if so, it is a masterful turn on globalism and its prophetic implications.

No matter what we do, the "one world" prophecies of the bible will take place ... God has ordained it and that's all that can be said about them.

Some generation of humanity will be alive when sin's gestation is complete and the Great Tribulation is birthed. Sadly, some apostate incarnation of "the church" will exist as well.

As I read Kern's piece I was reminded of Paul's warning "when we hear peace and safety," run like hell! Over and over the author highlights topics, papers, and quotes using the term "peace" at the conference.
Also attending are leading personalities specialized in dialogue and useful topics such as “life of human societies, international cooperation, human rights, security and peace and living peacefully together.”
It is a truth that the principals behind globalism know little or care little about the orthodoxy of ANY of the religions of the world.
The aim of the event is to promote dialogue between the world’s main religions, and, as some observers suspect, to establish a one-world religion based on Islam.
They are, for the most part, virtual atheists, mouthing spiritual platitudes to attain and retain the ears and wealth of the "unwashed" masses. Their psuedo-altruism is actually a satanic dance, choreographed to an inaudible tune, shepherding the lost to a disbelieved but guaranteed Armaggedon.

The conference, which seeks to promote openness, consists of five closed-door round tables. They will be followed by a final communiqué to be issued on July 18.
Click on over to TBJ to read up on the five round tables. So why is Spain romancing the Saudi stone? Because ...
[Spain's president] Zapatero[,] (like his Saudi counterparts, but for different reasons) views Judeo-Christianity as public enemy number one because it is the main impediment to the realization of his vision for a socialist multicultural utopia in which everything goes. And he hopes his pact with Islam will accelerate Spanish history.

Zapatero and his socialist advisors believe Muslims are the “useful idiots” of the left.
[While on the other hand] Muslims believe Zapatero and his socialist friends are the “useful idiots” of Islam. Such is the future of Spain.

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