Friday, July 18, 2008

TECHNOLOGY: This post is kind of hard to see! - GM Working on 'Smart' Windshields to Guide Drivers - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News
From the feed I subscibe to ....
Computer will project lines onto windshield to help sight-impaired drivers see the edge of the road.
Hello, did I read that correctly?
When Coke-bottle glasses just won't cut it for safe driving, a futuristic windshield might do the trick.
Isn't this a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act or something ... let alone a little scary? Shouldn't someone be suing? Where's an attorney when you need one?

General Motors Corp. researchers are working on a windshield that combines lasers, infrared sensors and a camera to take what's happening on the road and enhance it, so aging drivers with vision problems are able to see a little more clearly.
Okay, that's better. As an old you-know-what, I understand this. Lights at night (and that's when they're out) bother the eyes of the elderly. We can see but the glare is distracting.

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