Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CENSORSHIP: There is a difference!

UPDATE: FoxNews.com reports on the "self-censorship" and the cowardly ethics of Random House publishers, giving in to intimidation. How, I ask you, HOW can we combat an insidious evil if those around us run at every shadow and capitulate at every threat?

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The only difference between the things which offend Muslims and the things which offend Christians is the potential.

With Muslims you might get a riot or two with a few hundred burned cars, or perhaps a homicide bomber in one of your grocery stores or in the lobby of one of your police academies; with Christians you get thousands of emails, hundreds of letters, and dozens of phone calls, or perhaps you might get a line of pickets or a boycott.

This bigoted disparity seems to be missed by those who continue to produce
material offensive to Christians: for TV {e.g., the visual trash known as Swingtown (on CBS) and Kath & Kim (on NBC}, for the theater (e.g., Sex and the City from New Line Cinema/TimeWarner), for the bookshelf (e.g., Brown's The Da Vinci Code or Hitchens' God Is Not Great) and for the public square (e.g., queer parades in Boston and San Francisco).

If you can find the time, count for me the number of deaths, the number of bombs, and the value of property damaged by Christians as a result of any of the above.

What troubles me is the aggravating absence of voices from the left, crying censorship. Clearly, if Christians so much as blink at something that is offensive to them, lefties flood the streets with deafening cries of censorship.

Mark my words, if and when Obama loses the 2008 presidential election, lefties in this country will raise a whirlwind of accusations about de facto racism, which is just another way of saying the whities of America censored their man due to his skin color.

It wouldn't occur to black-America that they in fact did censor John McCain because of his skin color.

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