Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TROOPS: Bring them home, now!

Let's be clear, there are many Americans who agree with the point of this post!
It's time to bring all the troops home. Sure, leave a base that will serve as an air bridge for points further east, but it's time to bring 'em home.

The war is over. Some danger may still loom, but major fighting is finished. Besides, we're spending billions per year keeping our forces over there. We've trained 'em and armed 'em. It's time their duplicitous government and weak, untested military sink or swim on their own and stop lounging under our security umbrella. Our rapid withdrawal will be just the wake up call they need to get serious and grow up.
Go there and find the quote above and read to the end ... perhaps you'll agree when you finish.


  1. John,

    Preacher, I must admit, I thought you had swallowed an Obama-nation pill. The article in question, however, is excellent. Thanks for sending me that way; I enjoyed the man's opinion.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it ... wish we all could smile more.