Thursday, August 14, 2008

GEORGIA: Our allies are watching!

The largest television audience ever may be focused on the 2008 Beijing Olympics at this time but the most important audience is focused on the West's response [HT: NER] to Russia's outrageous and taunting invasion of a sovereign neighbor.

Russia's intent is clear in the eyes of the world -- they want and are in the process of deposing a duly and democratically elected government ... all for military and idealogical reasons. [See here as well.]

Russia knows she will suffer no long term consequences from a world which tolerates totalitarianism, coddles petty fascists, and nods approvingly at inhumane behavior.

This reality, in light of the West's shallow response to the very real threat of soft-jihad [see here also] and America's involvements in Iraq and Afghanistan, gave Russia the stage it needed to do its dirty deed.

Much of the West's future will depend on what it does corporately from this point on. My personal concern (vis a vis my kids and their kids) is that there is no corporate West to respond at this time.

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