Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PENTECOSTALISM: Some needed questions are asked about Todd Bentley!

In his latest "Fire In My Bones" column, J. Lee Grady asks some needed questions of his faith family ... but I've grown weary of reporting on the embarrassing lives of the Pentecostals and the Episcopalians, so go to Grady's column and read it for yourselves.

I will, however, post the questions so you'll have them in your mind before you get there.
1. Why did so many people flock to Lakeland from around the world to rally behind an evangelist who had serious credibility issues from the beginning?
2. Why didn’t anyone in Lakeland denounce the favorable comments Bentley made about William Branham?
3. Why did God TV tell people that “any criticism of Todd Bentley is demonic”?
4. Why did a group of respected ministers lay hands on Bentley on June 23 and publicly ordain him? Did they know of his personal problems?
5. Can anything good come out of this?
Grady answers his own questions but they leave me as repulsed as did Bentley's original snake oil pitch.

The answers to these questions won't be found in Grady's article, they are simple answers and are found elsewhere! Do you know where?

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