Saturday, August 09, 2008

PROPHETIC VOICE: WW III is well under way; the mindless masses haven't noticed!

These three articles and recent geopolitical events made me realize - it may become necessary to admit that I'm an alarmist! Not yet but soon ... if I am wrong!

I believe the greatly maligned and feared Third World War has already begun; it will not be a conventional war but one of stealth, yet every bit as dangerous as a shooting war.

I believe it began during the infamous protest movements of the 60s [HT: Black Kettle] and the 70s; the failed presidency of Jimmie Carter only accelerated its arrival.

I believe the presidency of Ronald Reagan only served to delay the inevitable.

I believe those world leaders and geopolitical groups, that long to unseat Western Civilization from its global throne, have discovered our leaders are fools and dupes (also here, here, and here).

I believe the bravado behind Russia's revanchist invasion of Georgia to be clear evidence of Russia's opinion of Western leaders, especially American leaders.

I also believe the world's iconification of Jimmie Carter, Yaser Arafat, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama (also here) is evidence of this.

I believe our diplomatic failures (here and here also), since 9/11, reveal American and European leaders for what they are: duplicitous - absent vision and backbone, with a yellow stripe up their backs as wide as an Interstate; for the most part they are self-obsessed, greedy, historically out of touch with reality, and incapable of speaking truth!

I believe Muslims are right when they say Western leaders have no will for the long fight; the high price is no longer exacted from totalitarian states or their leaders.

I believe an omnipotent force, far outside any and all natural forces, is at work to orchestrate a global conflict that will make the first two World Wars look like a sandbox fight between two year-olds.

I believe the world is slouching towards Gomorrah faster than Robert Bork could have ever grasped.

I believe liberalism, that pernicious and omnipresent evil and constant antagonist for common sense, is nothing more than socialism in drag.

The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.

HT: Brain Terminal
I believe there may be a supernatural power simultaneously weakening the EU and strengthening Muslim hegonomy in Europe.

I believe the real child molesters and pedophiles are here and here; and this only plays into the hands of sycophantish globalists who use these social issues to confuse and obfuscate.

I believe the erosion of common sense and free speech in the West, in parallel with the global ascendancy of hate crimes legislation and political correctness, is evidence of a worldview so pervasive, so dysfunctional, and
so corrosive most elitists ridicule its existence.

I believe an incomplete and incorrect eschatology is responsible for much of the sin in and the impotence of the contemporary Judeo-Christian worldview.

I believe events are cascading so rapidly that there may be no time left to save our way of life and the liberties we so dearly cherish.

I believe we must wake up and smell the cordite.

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