Tuesday, September 23, 2008

BAILOUT: Be afraid, be very afraid!

John McCain has been reminding me of why he didn't have my pre-Palin vote; at times, unlike Obama, I can't see whose side he's on.

In Disney's entertaining cartoon movie "Finding Nemo," and when thinking of Washington DC, one can never forget the greedy cry of the seagulls: "Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine ... "!

This plan reminds me of the scene where seagulls perforated a sailboat's canvas in pursuit of a pelican with Nemo in his gullet: the seagulls are our politicians, the sail is this bailout, while you and I are still looking for our national pelican. So far Newt Gingrich and Neil Cavuto are the only two making any sense to this taxpayer.

Like FDR's new deal, recent federal economic actions reek of short-term wisdom and long-term debt, bureaucratic bungling and fiduciary failure, with a healthy portion of capitol capital and dirty dealing on top.

If I were writing a conspiracy novel about a global design to bring down the greatest nation to have ever existed, I couldn't conceive of a more convoluted plot line than the one that has been working its way through the media since our introduction to "the Bush Doctrine" ... the financial bailout of Wall Street portends nothing good for Main Street.

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