Wednesday, September 10, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Biden resigns: defers to Hillary!

You read my head right! I predict it will be the headline of every major news organization sometime prior to the scheduled October debate between Palin & Biden!

Obama is spending most of his time dealing with Palin, when he should be focused on his race with McCain. Meanwhile Biden is virtually unseen in the MSM.

And Obama and Slick Willie are due to have lunch at the latter's office tomorrow. It is not too much of a stretch (what with the polls being as they are) for the retiring head of the Democratic Party and possibly the next head of the same party to get together and figure out how to stop the bleeding.

Even CBS is pondering the possible! Well, it's my story and I'm sticking to it!

And you know what? I'm not alone in this view.
For the sake of the Presidency, Joe Biden should withdraw his VP appointment and Obama should select Hillary. ... [CNN Pol. Ticker]
Then there's this ...
Why would [Biden] say that?

Something has gone seriously wrong with the Democrats these past couple of weeks.

There's praising a colleague effusively. And then, there's going so far that the praise diminishes yourself.
What are the chances of Barack Obama trading Biden in for Hillary Clinton at this point? [WakeUpAmerica]
Then Michelle Malkin asks us a "serious question" ...
... If Palin aces the Charlie Gibson interview and McCain bounces out to, say, an eight-point lead, does Obama decide that Biden needs to spend more time with his family, swap in Her Majesty, and launch the gender politics [bleep] to end all [bleep]?

It’d have to be done before the VP debate on October 2; they wouldn’t want to miss the chance to draw the contrast with Palin and cement the substitution in the public’s mind by not having her in place already for an event as high profile as that.
So call me nuts, but I think that's the only way the Democrats can save Obama's campaign.

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  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    The Biden/Clinton swap would be typical of Obama's "leadership" style. It's sort of like voting "present" instead of "yes" or "no" and signifies a total inabilty to make a decision and stick with it. Furthermore, it totally fits the Democrats' way of doing business. They will do anything for power and, that being said, can't possibly hold to core values and principles. To have personal and organzitional integrity would take too many options off the table.

    However, there is a danger in dropping Biden for Clinton. Its a perfect opening for conservatives to expose Obamas general weakness as a leader. Even with the willing aide of the MSM, it would really diminish his role in his own campaign. It also makes the campaign about the VP candidates and not the presidential candidates. Personally, I think "we, the people" would not be swayed by such a move as much as some might think. The public is much more critical of tactics and methods than most politicians are aware of. Okay, I must admit that I'd like to see Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin in a debate. If there weren't so much at stake it would be really interesting. Clinton has a better resume but her personality may still be a problem for her. Palin's experience is less but she seems to be more likeable and she's no dummy. I think she could hold her own against Hillary.