Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FEMINISM: The Van Winkle effect!

America, especially liberal feminist-America, has been asleep for four decades, lulled into an ego-centric slumber by its leftist academic cohorts.

That anyone is surprised, amazed, or astonished at the existence of a muscular American woman leaves me dumbfounded ... clearly they've been asleep. That they would call it a "new style" leaves me numb; what planet have they been living on?

Those in my circle of friends and family have known about the existence of these women all our lives; they were nation founding women, pioneer women, frontier women, large family women, civil war widows, WWI widows, depression women, WWII widows, and outdoor women; they were and are our mothers, sisters, daughters, classmates and neighbors.

To claim this is a new thing, what with the Olympics just ending, is incredible ... did Paglia watch any of the skull or track events in Beijing, and what of volleyball, both beach and hard court?

Real American women have known about muscular American feminism for over two hundred years, thank you! It was only after the mind-bending affects of the 60s that some powerful American women forgot this truth.

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