Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CONSERVATIVES: We're no different than the liberals!

When it comes to lying, liberals seem to this conservative to have a corner on the market. However, items like this remind me "in politics and secular culture" we're as messed up as they are!

For two days I heard Sean Hannity (on both his radio and television programs) and others badmouthing the Obama crowd for Michelle Obama's elitist excesses while staying at the Waldorf-Astoria; her husband was speaking at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner on the evening of October 16. The rough claim was that she ordered up expensive room service ... that was false.

The false report began with an unverified New York Post "Page Six" rumor and spread from there.
Michelle Obama couldn't have been ordering room service in New York on that Wednesday afternoon, as she was giving a speech at the Grand Wayne Convention Center in ... Indiana, at the time.
The NY Post printed a retraction here. A search of Hannity's web site found no mention of the item.

This kind of stuff doesn't help conservative causes.

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