Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AFGHANISTAN: Allied forces are fighting and dying for this piffle!

It gripes my soul to realize what we're really fighting for in Afghanistan ...
An Afghan journalism student sentenced to death for allegedly ’insulting Islam’ had his conviction upheld but his sentence reduced to 20 years in prison by an Afghan central appeal court today.

The prosecution alleged that Sayed Perwez Kambashkh, 24, downloaded from the internet and distributed an article by an Iranian writer questioning some of the tenets of Islam relating women’s rights. He has always denied the charges.


  1. But this is part of the reason we are there. And thats a long long haul. They are living in the 16th century - and in the 16th century we were hanging people for similar 'crimes'. With us they have a chance, without us they have only the Talibs. There's a petition for this guy u can reach it at

  2. Tim -

    Thanks for the visit from Foreign Matters. Great blog.