Tuesday, October 21, 2008

FBI: Feds cave while J. Edgar rolls over in his grave!

Good grief, two young women are murdered in cold blood while talking to a 911 dispatcher and the FBI caves in to Muslim political correctness. What in the hell is happening to this great nation?
The FBI removed all mention of the controversial term “honor killing” from the wanted poster of a double-murder suspect after FOXNews.com ran a story announcing the use of the term.
A few zealots come here to live the good life but want to corrupt the very freedoms that make that life good, and our senior law enforcement agency kowtows to their whines.
According to family members, Said felt he was compelled to kill his daughters because they had disgraced the family by dating non-Muslims and acting too "Western."

The girls’ great aunt, Gail Gartrell, has always called the case an “honor killing.” And for a few days — until last Friday — the FBI publicly agreed.
Look folks, you don't have to be a Harvard graduate or a community organizer to see what is happening here.

If it smells like an honor killing, sounds like an honor killing, looks like an honor killing, and feels like an honor killing then it's not just an everyday murder by some sicko Muslim freak!

We now use the term "hate crime" for all kinds of borderline crapola and the feds won't budge in their use of it ... but a handful of immigrants whine and moan and bar the doors Hannah, we must use ethnic sensitive terms to keep them from burning up downtown or killing their non-Muslim neighbors.
Some Muslims have objected to the term "honor killing" because they say it attaches a religious motive to a crime, which could lead to discrimination against Muslims.
What the????? Of course "it attaches to a religious motive" ... duh! We're talking about two young lives here, not hurt feelings.

Discrimination my great aunt's fanny; it's the boldfaced truth; they deserve to be called out till they renounce the practice and condemn the practitioners.

See here for the original FBI Wanted poster. Come on people, wake up!

UPDATE: This just in ... Jordanian man kills his sister to cleanse his family's honor

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