Sunday, October 19, 2008

ISLAM: Where have all the virgins gone?

I must be bored ... suddenly I found myself performing some free math ... if every Islamic male martyr is granted 70 virgins upon arrival in Ah-la-la Land, it must be running out of virgins.

Islam's concept of heaven (jannah) is disgustingly dissimilar to the Judeo-Christian concept at many levels but is very much the same at a few fundamental levels. For example, there is no continuing creation!

So where do all the virgins (houris) come from? And once a virgin is no longer vestal, what happens to her? Is she murdered for honor? If there is no death or sin in jannah, how is a sullied houris dealt with?

Just curious.

BTW, has anyone noticed the similarities between the origins of Mormonism and Muhammadism? I'm sure many have. Even the content is similar.

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