Saturday, October 18, 2008

OBAMA: Is our election of a president a popularity contest or prophetic precursor?

The world is being set up; set up to one day receive the biblical "man of lawlessness." In August I posted ...
The CRIB is NOT saying anything about Obama being the Antichrist, far too many things must come first ... the Temple, the priesthood, the ten nation confederacy, and the return of the Jewish diaspora ... only be aware, be on the alert ... for the days are short.
In that post I quoted 2 Thessalonians 2:3-5, where Scripture warns us of a day when he will be made known ... it's a certainty. The CRIB simply wants to warn its readers to be on the alert ... these are prophetic times.

Some generation will be alive when he is revealed; our generation is being used to set the stage for that revelation. The global community (this generation), because of its godlessness and weariness, is being hypnotized into acting as a precursor for his actual coming.

Three unrelated yet relevant news articles caught my attention ... and they should catch yours.
"I want you to believe," said the candidate, clad in an open-necked shirt and barn jacket. "Not so much believe just in me but believe in yourselves. Believe in the future. Believe in the future we can build together. I'm confident together we can't fail."

There was a carnival atmosphere among the crowd of some 4,000, who almost drowned Mr Obama out as he reached his crescendo and said: "I promise you. We won't just win New Hampshire. We will win this election and, you and I together, we're going to change the country and change the world."
[Telegraph UK]
Jesus Himself said, "Apart from me you can do nothing." How is it that this candidate never mentions Jesus if he is such a staunch believer.
The Economist has organized a global consultative participation via the internet in the US‘ election. The available results give “99%” of the countries to Obama. While the sample is not scientific – only those with access to the weekly and the internet could participate – one thing is clear.

Never has anyone in superpower America ascended to power with as much global support as BO is likely to. The disappointment of the sobered at home and abroad will match the present enthusiasm fueled by illusions.
[Brussels Journal]
Almost sounds biblical, doesn't it? That's what I thought. We are being used by God to set the stage ... I'm certain of it!
Friday's NBC Nightly News devoted a story to how around the world “people want to turn a page on the Bush years” and, as if it's relevant, “if the world had a vote, Barack Obama would win in a landslide.” A suggestion to viewers on what they must do to restore America's honor?

Reporter Dawna Friesen warned that the next President “faces a grim reality: Much of the world deeply distrusts, even dislikes, the United States” and she rued “much of the sympathy and solidarity that existed after 9/11 evaporated during the Bush years.”
[News Busters]
I too want to turn a page on the Bush years, but I don't want the world to have anything to do with selecting our president. In fact, I only cede that to God.
Here in Turkey, as in much of the world, people want to turn a page on the Bush years. In fact, polls show the image of the U.S. has improved slightly this year simply because President Bush is leaving. And, that if the world had a vote, Barack Obama would win in a landslide. Regardless of who wins, the world is clamoring for a new America in 2009. [Friesen - NBC Nightly News via News Busters]
Clearly, in my opinion, this generation is being used to precursor the coming of the Antichrist. Not a generation which follows this one will be immune from the subtle pull of Satan's grip and Antichrist's power sapping undercurrent.

God have mercy on me a sinner, and show us your Light, your True Light.

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