Thursday, October 16, 2008

PLUMBER: Joe, don't listen to the damn fools!

Some estrogen deprived, middle-aged bitty at the SF Chron (probably a lesbo who plays mattress polo with Gavin on their lunch hour) does a hit piece on an everyday Joe and feels good about it. Great, go back to your Mill Valley nest and sleep the sleep of a child of Dracula.

Good grief, what makes these people tick? What kind of parents foist kids like this on the landscape?

First, the man "Joe the plumber" never said he was a "licensed" plumber! Only that he wants to buy his employer's plumbing business.

Second, a lot of people in the Democratic party owe back taxes; does the name Charley "the cheat" Rangel ring any bells? The fact that taxes are owed doesn't make anyone a "tax cheat." Gawd!!!!

Third, how can anyone in the media, with a straight face, use the phrase "Joe the Plumber's story"? It was never his story! It was and still is the media's story!

Fourth, what has happened to the media? We live in a free nation, with open borders between our member states. My wife and I have lived in six different states: Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, and Mizzurah! What are we illegal gypsies?

I am so sick of the role the media plays in our daily lives; can someone please find a cure for them?

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