Thursday, October 16, 2008

MUSLIMS: Who will decide the culture and traditions of your land?

Read this then answer my question:
Idols or art? Bangladesh Airport Muslim ProtestAuthorities in Bangladesh were forced to remove new sculptures installed at the international airport in the capital, Dhaka, after protests by Muslims threatening to destroy them, Agence France-Presse reports.

The five statues of local folk singers were created by Mrinal Haq, the country's best-known sculptor, for a government commission meant to enliven the dull Zia International airport. But thousands of Muslims came out to protest the sculptures, calling them idols and threatening to attack them with power tools (...)
Items like this are more common since Islam has become more activist and public; even in non-Muslim nations and areas of the world. QUESTION: Who determines the culture of a nation or what cultural traditions are important?

It is behavior such as this by religious zealots that prompted the wisdom of our founders when it came to the separation of church and state (such as it is).

UPDATE: I've decided to attempt to post a listing of this offal whenever I find one -
  1. CENSORSHIP: Turk paper's web presence blocked by opposing Muslim view (h/t Europe News)
  2. COMMERCE: Sony delays PlayStation game over Qur'an [background] lyrics (h/t Europe News 10/20)
  3. ENTERTAINMENT: Muslim extremist's X Factor fury (h/t Europe News 10/20)

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