Saturday, October 25, 2008

OPINION: Ignore your base in politics at your own peril!

In the same way Michael Malone is ashamed of his present association with Journalism [h/t News Busters], I'm ashamed of my present association with and support of another major American institution ... the GOP and its Neo-cons!
GOP Shackled
Like the Russian Roulette player who thought you had to remove one bullet rather than the other five, the shakers and movers of the Grand Ole Party of the Republic have managed to blow their brains out, but haven't a clue why.

The situation the conservative base now finds itself in (an impending Super Majority) should never have happened. These idiots went into government service to change politics and instead were themselves changed by it.

As Limbaugh continues to remind us, Reagan was and is revered because he appealed to the conservative base across all party lines, races, politics, ethnicities, religions, and cultures. And he did it lightheartedly and with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. The Gipper was and is the personification of an ideal that appeals to all conservative Americans.

The reason the liberals in America are winning is that their leadership, unlike ours, know their base and appeal to it -
60s radicals, socialists, middle-aged flower-children, neo-commies, victims of "the system," black-racists, relativists, iconoclasts, cultural demagogs, closet anarchists, anti-American Americans, east and west coast snobs and elitists, the MSM, protesters, rebels, the unemployed and unemployable, immigrants, ethnic minorities, entitlists, the uneducated, the ill-informed, the ignorant, druggies, unions and union workers, special interest groups, and anyone who is willing to sell his soul and his country for a price.
Barack Obama is a perfect fit for the liberal base; John McCain was and is not even a modest fit for the conservative base ... it's a shame Sarah Palin is not at the head of the ticket. If the MSM and the federal super majority in DC do not fix it so she can't, I will support her for the conservative ticket till hell freezes over in four years, if she runs.

It's going to be a long four years, a sloggingly long four years. God help us!

It is a sad time in a once great nation, and many are beginning to come to that realization.

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