Sunday, October 26, 2008

PALIN: And so soon it begins ... !

The MSM and the left begin their destruction of the thing they fear most, a 2012 run for the White House by Sarah Palin. As I mentioned yesterday - "it's a shame Sarah Palin is not at the head of the ticket [now]" I'll support her in 2012, unless "the MSM and the federal super majority in DC ... fix it so she can't" run.

Even the foreign press cites "unnamed campaign insiders" and "aides close to both candidates" and "a senior Republican" and "four Republicans close to Ms Palin" and "a Palin associate" and "reports" and "advisers to Senator McCain" and "McCain sources," ... eight common unnamed sources in a single article and not one named source, NOT ONE! These are all journo-speak for "I don't have a source, but I trust my rumor mongers."

UPDATE: The fix is in, and proof of it is here. [26 Oct.'08; 12:57 PM]

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