Friday, October 31, 2008

P. DIDDY: Pounds Robamatons!

A video full of surprise ... a black icon who rattles the black-cage.

UPDATE: Yo, as one commenter at Maggie's Farm observed:
"Wow, what a bunch of square white folk on Maggie's Farm! Diddy is the one being retorted, as in P. Diddy. The man behind this and many other hilarious, impassioned and insightful pro-McPalin videos is Zo. From his youtube profile:
Hey y'all! God bless ya's! I'm Zo!
Founder of Macho Sauce Productions.
I'm a musician, martial artist, amateure movie makin', Christian conservative republican. Groovie oovie!"
Let's make it a point to visit this Zo's site often.

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