Sunday, November 23, 2008

FAITH: Linking the ephemeral by their DNA!

A CRIB offering of the periodically fugacious ... by their common ancestry!
Gaggle of gay geeks pushes SF police to perform public service for proselytizing prayer party! [Never Yet Melted (video)]
American Jewish thoughts on the unborn's right to life and the seemingly contradictory position on partial birth by Jews in general. Read carefully and in context. [Classical Values]
Seems Catholic Cardinals should know that "blistering rants" and "diatribes" are the private preserve of the Main Stream Media and not to be used by men of the cloth. [News Busters]
At the time I thought something smelled about the CIA's testimony before congress - a missionary's wife and daughter died - a yet to be detailed Inspector General's report reveals just how bad. [FOXNews]
Sure wish I could do what the Ayatollahs have done; Obama has plans of his own [FOXNews; American Thinker]
More on the place where the king eaten by worms (Acts 12:23) may have been buried. [Yahoo! News]
It's one of the most disobeyed commandments in Scripture ... them and widows (Zechariah 7:9-10; James 1:27) [Christian Post]
Though I'm not anti-Catholic, I'm not pro-Catholic either; but good news is good news for Muslim conversions in Kosovo [Balkan Insight; h/t Europe News]
Moore on more of Joseph's tailor and Potiphar's wife ... oh yea, and God's will for our lives. [Moore to the Point]
Sad to hear some are losing their Focus but I knew it was coming; a sign of the times? [Christian Post]
Now this is a horse of another color and curiously fascinating - and I like the adherence to the biblical texts. [FOXNews]

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