Friday, November 21, 2008

SCIENCE/HI-TECH: Linking the ephemeral by their common DNA!

Offering the fugacious ... per their common ancestry ...

This post also includes what The CRIB believes to be faux science ...
Rubber duckies? At first I thought Al Gore was involved but, no, this is serious. [Telegraph UK]
God's micro universe up close and personal. [Boston Globe; h/t Classical Values]
Obama and Emanuel claim Bush responsible for missing spider and lost tool bag on International Space Station. [FOXNews]
Eye see you in MyTube! A bionic tale to be told! [FOXNews]
What do a book, a hair, a grave, and some bones have in common? Until a few days ago, only Copernicus knew! [Yahoo! News]
Bush plans to institute "even more endangered species" regulations prior to the arrival of the Robamatons [Yahoo! News]
The green scene to blame for the Big Three's headache, nothing else ... so says Steven Milloy [Junk Science]
Online harassment/bullying being defined in key case [FOXNews]
Kilimanjaro is a pawn in the global warming game. [News Busters]
Someday soon they will help the rowdies erect the big tent! [Yahoo! News; also NGS News]
"Now you see me, now you don't!" Invisibility cloak is now a real possibility! [NGS News]

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