Saturday, November 29, 2008

GLOBAL DENIAL: A world caught in the headlights of Islam!

A universe of intelligent people are caught asking the wrong questions about the Mumbai terrorists: Were they Brits? Were they Pakistanis? Afghans? Al Qaeda? Home grown Indian? Is this a new form of terrorism?

Good grief, the right question: Were they Muslims? Yes! Where they are from is irrelevant!

That Islamic teachers and preachers are raising a borderless army of fanatical assassins and murderers, that is what is relevant. Besides, it is not just in Mumbai!

Wake up world! We are undeniably on a course to WWIII. And platitudes will not help. Nothing short of global military action will stop these madmen! In the end, the fanatics will be annihilated or we will, but the civilized world will NEVER be the same.

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