Thursday, November 20, 2008

ODDS & ENDS LINKS: Linking odds & ends ephemeral by DNA!

A bi-daily and fugacious offering ... per their common and odd heritage!
Half million dollar housewarming gift starts new Roadshow season in January 2009. (Photo parade of AR Hall of Fame - fascinating!) [FOXNews]
FOX not only tops all cable news networks but it takes four of top ten spots for classy news ladies with great looks. [Maxim]
On-line harassment/bullying being defined in key case [FOXNews]
Now this is a hard way to have hard fun while doing hard time! [Yahoo! News]
Everyone knew Hitler was half nuts! [FOXNews; here for the song that made this fact famous]
Board games from the past 500 years [Bibliodyssey; h/t David Thompson]
"Hey, doc, I keep hearing this strange gnawing sound ... can you tell me what it is?" [FOXNews]
If you've never seen the "wolf boy" genetic disorder you are lucky ... it's a heart breaker to see a child literally covered in thick, dark hair. Doctors may have discovered a cure. [FOXNews]
Evidently this Irish solicitor suspects his "libel tourism" cash cow has a bad case of dry udder. [Irish Times; h/t Europe News]

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