Thursday, November 20, 2008

POLITICAL LINKS: Linking the transitory (ephemera) by their common DNA!

Still working on the best way to report on the ephemeral. At this juncture The CRIB is offering the periodically fugacious ... by their common heritage!
Vanderleun says Jindal fine for sum but he likes Palin in 2012. The comments are helpful. [American Digest]
Here's something worth keeping an eye on ... as long as we have the freedom to do so. [American Thinker]
"Yo, dude, not in my hood." Obama not every black kid's role model. [Yahoo! News]
School sanctioned child abuse ignored for the sake of political correctness! [Ironic Surrealism]
This an echo of what he said ... [Doc Is In Blog]
Rush wasn't right ... how was I to know? He doesn't have the answers! So who does? [News Busters; video]
Second Amendment success story and the libertarians who made it happen! [Reason Online; h/t Maggie's Farm]
Soros and Franken, Soros, and more Soros [Various]
Seems Catholic Cardinals should know that "blistering rants" and "diatribes" are the private preserve of the MSM and are not to be used by men of the cloth. [News Busters]
Dog pack runs freely in democratically controlled region ... [NewsMax]
Two excellent reasons I favor certain kinds of stem cell research (here and here). [Various]
Good grief, God help us! The loba is in the hen house! [Yahoo! News]
What do you think ... any truth to the donation coruption rumors? [HotAir; h/t Black Kettle]

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