Thursday, December 04, 2008

POLITICAL: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

This periodically fugacious post should have appeared a week ago, I found it hiding as a "draft" ...
Let's hope Cao, the good guy, wins this one ... "a Vietnamese refugee-turned physics major-turned Jesuit-turned philosophy professor, lawyer, and dual-hurricane survivor." [American Spectator]
Free speech making a comeback in Canada ... but extensive Cristophobia revealed in the process. [Ezra Lavant]
Obama and others have repeatedly claimed the current financial crisis is "the worst since the great depression" but 95% of them are not economists nor do they have any expertise to support the claim; someone who does, says, "Bull puckey." [WaPo; News Busters]
I truly hope Joe the Plumber sues the hell out of Ohio and the dimwit who thought she was a real wit! [Yahoo! News]
We were told Main Street was the target group, not Wall Street ... so what happened? [Yahoo! News]
The spy game (aka - cold war) heats up in Canada. [The Right Perspective]
If you fix the data but move the centerline of a normal distribution one standard deviation to the left, can you then say the leftists in that standard deviation are now centrists? Some thinks so! [American Spectator]
Ed Driscoll quotes John Agresto: "there's a whole segment of our country we can never reach. These people ... are the people to whom things are owed" [Ed Driscoll; via Maggie's Farm]

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