Thursday, November 06, 2008

PROPHETIC VOICE: A sinister wind from three perspectives!

A foul and sinister wind blows through our alleys and walkways ... though still in it's infancy, the unseen stench, a specter from ancient times, is biting to the nostrils of our soul and heavy on the beating of our heart.

Like the trade winds and the ocean tides, above and below our individual hardscape, the currents of corporate experience and personal opinion ebb and flow around us all. This wind is being seen from three perspectives.

The first perspective or view is the understandable yet irrational euphoria related to the election of America's first president of color.

The second relates to a genuine fear and foreboding which has descended upon nearly half of our adult neighbors ... this dread has nothing to do with skin color (though most of the other half accuses the other of just such an evil).

The third (my personal perspective), involves about a quarter of our population, authentic Christians who are eschatologically informed (see here for definition) ... sensitive to the signs of the times. [see here also]

If the election of Barrack Hussein Obama is being globally credited as proof of an evil country overcoming its racism, why the overdose on Obama's black roots? And why do we hear so quickly from so many blacks that this proves nothing and doesn't settle any supposed debt?
In a 2004 questionnaire, [Obama] told the NAACP, “I fear that reparations would be an excuse for some to say, ‘We’ve paid our debt,’ and to avoid the much harder work.” [African American History Channel]
In other words, we are being told that the debt will continue to be owed as long as a black fiddler can continue to play the tune.

The euphoria we are witnessing is irrational in that it is not related to issues or context; it is however deeply rooted in emotion, resentment, and duplicity.

This non-specific joy will fade with the advent of reality, but will morph into hate and animas ... whites, especially conservative whites, will become the target of a confused and frustrated black rage.

My head involuntarily recoils at the smell of what is to come, when "African-Americans" finally realize in their desperate search for an enemy that the enemy is them.

But of more immediate and national importance is the burden many of us feel when we realize those radical SOBs from the 60s are now running the country, having finally gathered together the most gullible and easily manipulated majority of voters in history.

A generation of middle aged anarchistic, iconoclastic, anti-establishmentarianists has technologically knit together a non-violent revolutionary army of mush-brained young adults, godless self-absorbed urbanites, entitlement dependent minorities, and gimme ignoramuses to pull off a bloodless coup in the greatest nation on earth and in history.

But I don't despair, for I know in whom I believe and trust. He is faithful to be with me even to the end of time, and has never made a promise He has not or will not keep.

A South African friend delivered a radio message this week in which he tells the story of president-elect Obama's visit to his country two years ago as "Just Another Senator" from America.

He goes on to remind us all that officials of the government refused to meet with him and pawned him off to a low level bureaucrat. They now regret their short-sighted offense since they were told of Obama's aspirations. But it is now too late.

My friend then reminds us of another leader who is coming, who we have been warned is coming, and who, if we snub Him, will ensure our regret for all eternity. That Leader is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Son of God.

Come Lord Jesus.

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