Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OBAMA: MSM - Is it just me?

Reading my news feeds yesterday and today I discovered an undercurrent of doubt on the part of the MSM and the meme (new-)media.
Over and over, Barack Obama told voters if they stuck with him "we will change this country and change the world." They did, and now their expectations for him to deliver are firmly planted on his shoulders. Many supporters greeted his victory with euphoria. [Yahoo! News]
The New's Junkie at Maggie's Farm wonders aloud, "Will everyone get a pony?" ... linking to this ...
He has, more than any other politician in the world, promised everything to every one. Sociology majors who worked on his campaign will now think that “community organizer” is going to be a $60,000 per year job with benefits. The likes of Peggy Johnson will now think they don’t have to pay for their own gas of their own mortgage.

The black community I speculate because of the Messiah-like nature of Obama, is expecting that by July of 2009 they will magically achieve standards of living on par with their white counterparts. The stock market is going to rally, social security and medicare (which I noticed were never mentioned in the campaign) will somehow magically take care of themselves. ...

But the problem is all of his promises (or perhaps better stated – people’s expectations of him) are undeliverable as they are outside his control (if not insane to even expect in the first place). [...]

Ergo, since Obama CAN’T make all these insane people’s dreams come true, and quite the contrary, the economic realities of the nation are going to turn them into nightmares, it is a practical guarantee Obama will have to start blaming other people
[Captain Capitalism]
The Captain goes on to list the top four excuses we can expect from the Obama administration.
But campaign rhetoric soon collides with the gritty duties of governing, and hard realities stand in Obama's way.

The youthful president-elect appears to know this. His victory speech emphasized humility far more than his fabled confidence, with remarks heavily leavened by references to the difficulties before the nation.

He declared "change has come to America" and closed with his "yes we can" campaign slogan, but not before speaking of the certainty of setbacks. "The road ahead will be long," Obama warned. "We may not get there in one year or even one term."
[Yahoo! News]
Ezra Lavant shares this tidbit before he goes on to the meme ...
Humourist Greg Gutfeld points out that Obama's campaign was all tone, and no substance. [...]

You can already see in his acceptance speech his attempt to lower expectations. I suppose that in itself is a promising sign.

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