Wednesday, November 05, 2008

POLITICS: Why there are no normal elected officials?

After witnessing the treatment of Sarah Palin by the MSM and the country's leftists it's no wonder our government is so screwed up ... why would a normal person run for public office!

Network coverage of Palin has moved beyond criticism to outright ridicule. ... When have comic impressions of a political figure ever qualified as hard news?

CMI reviewed network news coverage of Palin for the two weeks beginning September 29 and ending October 12, the period before and after the October 2 vice-presidential debate. We found that ABC, NBC and CBS have been stridently critical of Palin. Before the debate, the networks characterized her as a dunce whose shortcomings were dividing the GOP. After Palin laid to rest concerns about her competence by performing well in the debate, the network narrative changed: Palin became a demon, victimizing Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama with unfair criticism

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