Friday, December 05, 2008

FAITH: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

The CRIB's periodically fugacious ...
  • Sometimes it is necessary to subdivide in order to multiply; rotten fruit of liberal North America Anglicans continue bears rare new fruit tree. [AP/Yahoo! News]

  • Talmudic flavor suggested for New Testament exegesis of study. [Assistant Village Idiot; h/t Maggie's Farm]

  • What do you make of this?
    Voters' economic status and religious convictions played a greater role than race and age in determining whether they supported the Nov. 4 ballot measure outlawing same-sex marriage in California, a new poll shows.
    [Yahoo! News/AP]

  • University of Dallas was the recent scene of a conference on "the justice or injustice of More's trial."
    Thomas More, we now know, was a sage and a saint, but was he guilty of the formal charges that led to his execution on July 6, 1535?
    [First Things]

  • Turks & Kurds threaten 1600 year-old Assyrian Monastery. [AINA; h/t Europe News]

  • Christian activist rises to cabinet post in Muslim dominated government. [Christian Post]

  • This is not Psalm 122:6 ... sometimes I worry about my spiritual family!
    Some Christians pray for the peace of Jerusalem; others work to tear Jerusalem to pieces. The wealthy New York based United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) tends toward the latter. The GBGM recently approved grants to several anti-Israel groups, including a program operated by Palestinian Liberation Theologians.
    [Front Page; h/t Black Kettle]

  • Political correctness gone mad (video); how a non-religion becomes a stealth religion. [Black Kettle]

  • Suffering for Jesus in the real world can't be assessed from an ivory tower. [Somewhere In South America]

  • Bowden McElroy speaks of his colleagues and it's a warning for those seeking professional counseling help -
    The idea of living a principled and examined life based on universally accepted values is simply not on their radar.
    [McElroy Counseling]

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