Friday, December 05, 2008

TAXATION: Without representation all over again!

According to news reports yesterday, over 60% of American taxpayers opposed the $700 billion bailout of the mortgage industry, now an equal number oppose bailing out the auto industry. This is significant because American liberals (and the world in general) have validated Obama's recent victory at 52.3% as a "landslide" (specifically the 349 - 147 electoral college vote) for the president elect; what's good for the Grand Goose is good good for the Geezer Gander.

Contrary to their constituent's wishes, their representatives went ahead and passed the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac "bailout" scam. Now, ignoring that some of the funds in that scam have been used where not intended (where they've reached the intended target, they've not been disbursed by the recipients according to plan), our "representatives" are poised to pass this auto bailout scam.

Where there's no consequence for performance or behavior, man is prepared to perform and behave as badly as his circumstances will allow him. Since we, the people, have no power or control over the performance or behavior of either the lending or the auto industries, we look to our government to protect us from their bad performances and behaviors. The same principle is true with regard to our national defense; we look to our government representatives to protect us from the performance and behavior of those over whom we have no control.

Our representatives are already using the bailout of the lending industry as justification for bailing out the auto industry ... which begs the question of where we stop the bailing out? This doesn't even address oversight ... an hidden cost of all bailouts.

Nor does it address the subject of "representative" governance.

The reason for the American War of Independence was the Crown's failure to provide both representation and protection. The Declaration of Independence was written to tell him his colonialists were through with his failures and intended to set up their own government to do what he would not do. Our current government, the one in WDC, the one under George 44, is worse than the one under George III.

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