Thursday, April 14, 2005

ALLIANCE ROUNDUP - SoCal Blogites 4/14!

Holy Coast ... offers his two-cents on the cause of violence, especially who to blame.

Blogotional ... laments the shape the world is in but exhorts us to keep on keeping on; offers his own pennies in the filibuster fight; agrees concerning Episopalia's self-destructive apostasy; creative wife shares another "Illustrated Scripture"; plus a few more worthwhile reads.

Media Soul ... recommends we get to know more about indentity theft (Want mine? It's available Jesus gave me a new one!).

21st Century Reformation ... asks and discusses the question "How do we create art that is fresh and elicits such a response in our entertainment saturated culture?"

Dawn's Early Light ... Bill should work for the State Department ... I'd have more confidence in him than most I've seen or heard ... although his prodigious posts are often time consuming, his latest on his theory that India will join the US in an alliance to oppose China is amazing and worth the trip.

Okie On the Lam ... has an extensive post on the relevance of GM's pulling all advertising from the LAT.

Classical Education ... is looking for the Pope; if you've seen him, go tell Joi where she can find him.

Cheat Seeking Missiles ... reminds us of just how free we are; posts two pieces on bent journalism ... the LAT's "illegal-immigration" position and the NYT's "hit-pieces" on people they don't agree with.

Mere-Orthodoxy ... offers up a link to someone who thinks he has the last word on our faith and practice.

Proverbs Daily ... visiting God's country (Tennessee) for a few days.

The Hedgehog Blog ... has a "you've gotta see this" graphic on UN's ineptness!

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