Friday, December 19, 2008

POLITICAL: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

The CRIB's periodically fugacious concerning all things political ...
  • You have to admit Obama's campaign logo was and is effective ... like to know how it came to be? [Next Gen GOP]

  • Does the Hill have her own Constitutional Crisis? Yes she does, according to some. [Am Spectator]

  • FAIRNESS DOC: again & again we're told by the left they won't seek reinstatement of fairness doctrine but here it is again [NewsBusters]

  • E!! points us to a political grid test - where do you land? Left/right? Authoritarian/Libertarian? [Political Compass; h/t E!!]
  • Coming to our shores soon - censorship the European way; "Freedom is what freedom does!" - Forrest Gump [Brussels Journal]

  • Interesting Telegraph UK piece that comes alongside my posted review of Herb London's "America's Secular Challenge" [Telegraph UK; Sheep's Crib]

  • IRAQ VICTORY: death rate in Basra, Iraq, now lower than that of Detroit, Mich. Cobb says, "smells like victory" [Cobb]

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