Saturday, December 20, 2008

POLITICAL: Ephemeral links by their common ancestry!

The CRIB's periodically fugacious concerning all things political ...
  • FAIRNESS DOCTRINE: look out Beck, O'Reilly and Dobbs - Solis the Socialist is coming through the back door [Yahoo!]

  • INSANITY: "Like putting Cheney in charge of gun control," Joy Behar [News Busters]

  • MSM: Obama seems to be ending up on the floor a lot lately; odd considering being in bed with them during the whole campaign. [News Busters]

  • ECON 101: classic article on basic economics - The Pencil - 1st read this via Sowell several years ago. [FEE; h/t Am. Digest]

  • MSM: "Ann Curry, you can't handle the truth." And Rick Warren gave it to her! [News Busters]

  • SOCIALISM: NYT helps move USA to left then complains when China censors them? [FOX News]

  • NATO: America's retreat to fortress foreign policy will replace NATO's dependence on US defense umbrella w/ all the attendant risks. [Brussels Journal]

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