Sunday, December 21, 2008

SANCTITY OF LIFE: Right to life declared in 1776!

While "tweeting" on Twitter this am (shame on us we skipped church) I was urged to click over to Red State and read ...
The Declaration of Independence, in which our Rights as Americans and humans were so eloquently advanced, stated that all humans are created equal and endowed by their Creator with unalienable (intrinsic, non-severable) Rights. It does not state that humans are born equal, but created so. For this reason it matters when human life is created. For the answer we turn to science.

Ask any geneticist when life begins and (assuming sexual reproduction) they’ll tell you it’s when the ovum is fertilized by the sperm. At that point the fertilized egg has the same genetic structure it will have for its entire life, and much of the course of its future life is set, unless interrupted by accident or violent attack. Life begins when the genetic structure is in place and the biological processes begin. It’s the same with a human as it is with a kangaroo or an amoeba. Life, human or otherwise, begins at the beginning. That is the instant of creation. The act of creation invoked in the Declaration is found at the beginning of life.
[Red State - LJ Miller]
I would highly recommend my readers do what I did and read this fine piece. Lot's of comments over there.

One thought we must grasp from this: from a pro-life and Constitutional perspective one must see the DNA of A, impregnated with the DNA of B, combining to create the DNA of C; C's DNA didn't exist till the genetic combination of DNA from donors A and B.

C's DNA does not equal A's DNA or B's DNA (unless A and B are identical twins), it is unique.

Since human life is schematically represented by its DNA (something it mysteriously acquires at or immediately following impregnation; the egg losing its donor's uniqueness, and the sperm losing its donor's uniqueness), life as we define human life must by default begin at or immediately a following impregnation.

It boggles my mind that so many fail to see the simplicity of this: to abort a fetus is to end a human life and, also by default, violates that American's right to equal protection.

I don't claim to have all the answers but you don't have to be a genius or a Phd to see this.

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  1. WOW! As a like-minded fellow American Conservative Christian I find this blog to be an incredible treasure! I'm so glad to have stumbled upon it (via TBJ, which I recently started to frequent).

    Looking forward to more of your posts. God bless and Merry Christmas!