Wednesday, March 16, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGS - Around the Sphere Today! (3/16)

Periodic post of things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere (updated as I go) ...

MM reports on another apparently shady oil deal involving Jack Kemp, one of my heroes from the '80s & '90s, and Hugo Chavez, the idiot anti-American, pseudo-dictator of Venezuela.

The reason this is important to me is because Kemp and others have presented him as a "conservative evangelical" and that touches on the Kingdom and the King ... when we publicaly identify ourselves as one of His and then are found to behave in an hypocritical way, we bring reproach upon the name of our sovereign King and His Kingdom. (others commenting: Right Wing Nut and JunkYard Blog; report on earlier oil-for-food connection here; HT: MM).

John Schroeder mentions the Fox News report on Webster's addition of "partial-birth abortion" to its most recent dictionary edition. This is important because the shakers and movers in the pro-murder industry consider that term anathema. In fact I'd have preferred "partial-birth killing." (7:10 am)

John has put up several new items since I posted the above, making your visit there much more profitable. (9:50 am)

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