Friday, March 18, 2005

KINGDOM BLOGS - Around the Sphere Today! (3/18)

Periodic post of things I've read and like in the Kingdom part of the blogosphere (updated as I go) ...

So named "Because even people in the media have a soul." Stacy Hart has a lot of heart, primarily for the Lord, but she has a Christian entrepreneur’s heart as well. Check out her book review offers at Blog for Books ... worth the trip if you'd like to pick up a few free books each year ... for blogging a book review of course.

Not exactly a blog, but a blogger, Marvin Olasky of WorldMagBlog, wrote a revealing piece on Curt Schilling's walk with the Lord ... and you should know that I'm no fan of celebrity Christians ... this, however is timely in light of the baseball hearings in DC.

See also today's piece by Olasky on Schilling at the World Mag Blog here ...

Catez has put up a fairly straight forward take on the "Living Church of God" and the hotel shooting in Milwaukee the other day ... a number of links to other resources are provided. I'd suggest any of you who are following the story to click over to my post on the New Armstrongism.
Last three Kingdom Blogs posts - 3/16, 3/11, & 3/8 ...

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