Saturday, February 04, 2006

SEXUAL PREDATORS: This is a late night follow-up

... to Dateline NBC's "'To Catch a Predator' III", which aired tonight at 9:00 PM on the left coast. It was an excellent but scary public service documentary.

I had convinced myself I was done with the issue prior to the show, it's Dateline's after all. However, after watching the parade of sad sacks walk down the isle of infamy for two hours, I decided there was more to this than what I'd already written ... besides my hit count was way up (yes, even pastors have a problem with pride).

Bottom-line? I'm scared! Not for myself but for my country and her next generation. What we saw on NBC tonight is just the tip of that ancient ice-berg called Hedonism with a healthy dose of deviancy mixed in. You'd have to be a brain-dead twit not to see what is staring us right in the face.

Fifty-years ago men and women of deep moral conviction tried to warn this nation that the SCOTUS decision to support the right of perverts to publish smut was in the Constitution would open Pandora's Box of social sickness and would rip the heart out of Lady Liberty. At that time people couldn't understand why it was illegal to yell "Fire!" in a crowded building but not illegal to vomit all over the moral compass of an entire nation.

The answer they received was simple: your endangering people's lives with the one, whereas the other is an unpleasant but victimless personal choice and is protected by the First Amendment. The cry went up from that religious and moral segment of the American public, "You don't know what you've done! You have just unlocked an evil that will wreck havoc on on America for generations to come.

The liberals. the progressives, the Bohemians, the Hedonists, and every anti-absolutist and anti-religious voice screamed, "You're living in the dark ages, get a life." The moral were mocked and ridiculed by the immoral.

Their children became the Hippie generation, and their kids became the politicians and judges, the ACLU-ites, the leftists, lawyers, and academicians that are plaguing our country today.

The men on Dateline are pathetic sin-trapped souls, in need of someone to deliver them from their bondage. My wife and I felt so sorry and ashamed for Walter Babst, our daughter's former math teacher ... there he was with his hand in the cookie jar, ashamed and humiliated for what he'd become, wanting his mommy, not knowing where to turn, but knowing there was no place to turn, his life ruined, his family ruined, and his children -- who love their "daddy" -- devastated for life.

The sorrow we felt was for a good life wasted, an innocent family destroyed, but not for him as a predator ... he's getting what he deserves, end of story. But lest you forget, there but for the grace of God go most of us.

But if you think you can sit back and watch, remain untainted by the crud seeping out of the cesspool of contemporary American culture, and blindly go about your business ... you ma'am and you sir are both blithering fools in the classic sense.

Two neighbors of my church, one on the South and one on the West, each have teenaged daughters with chat accounts on One family is trying to deal with the threatening cloud hanging over their 14 year-old daughter's head; the other is in denial. All of the things the lady from warned families not to allow their kids to do on the Internet, their daughters are doing. I'm told their response when told of the dangers: "It won't happen to our girls; my sister and I monitor their accounts." I'm going to try to help them see through this. I believe one of their daughters had Mr. Babst as a math teacher.

Long ago the Lord warned Israel (and so the world) that the sins of the fathers would be visited upon the third and fourth generations [Exodus 20:5] ... he meant the affects the fathers' sins not the punishment. We don't have to answer for anyone's sin but our own, but the ripple from sins committed four generations ago are just now passing us by. The ripple from three generations ago has rocked our boats for the past thirty years. The '60s/'70s tsunami is heading our way and it will sink the ship of state if we don't end this philosophy that the focus of life begins and ends three feet off the ground.

Dateline's program was an indictment of us all ... history of this time, if there is one, will not be kind in its commentary on us. And it the affects of our decisions now will have affects on our grand and great-grand children. God help us ... it's only the tip!

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